What is Sociack?

The best Social Media tool on your hands. Start searching content and analysing social networks like a professional. Generate reports that add value to your business or your clients' businesses like never before.



All the content searches you need to perform. All the social network profiles you want to analyse. No limits. You'll have all the posts you need at your fingertips, so you can listen to, categorize and gauge the sentiment of everything your audience is saying. Become the ultimate Social Media professional!


Organise your social network profiles and content searches into projects, so you can better manage your Social Media workload. Share projects with other users and work as part of a team on the different aspects of each project. Our goal is to be the number one tool for professional social network teams.



Sociack's analytics include a variety of metrics and quantitative, volumentric graphics, which you can use to analyse user conversations and profiles, to measure the effectiveness of your actions and to perform qualitative analysis. Sociack also allows you to perform better qualitative analysis of social network content than ever before.



Want Sociack to notify you of relevant posts? Want us to let you know when the number of posts increases? Or how about getting an email when a user posts about a specific topic? Keep on top of your social networks at all times. Set up alerts in Sociack!

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